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Consulting, research & analysis

Organisation, team and individual development: Whatever change you seek or goals you are pursuing, we’ll provide you with sound advice and research-based guidance every step of the way.



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Bring people on the journey

We work with you to design your ideal outcomes and support you through discovery, to design and implement.  We are committed to building your team's capability. Where do you want to go?  Get in touch to talk about how we can help you get there.



Actionable insights

We provide bespoke research and writing services for individuals, business, government and academic projects. We design and implement unique projects, and provide advice and additional firepower to support your existing portfolio. Find out more.

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Tap your collective intelligence

Knowledge is power, but too often we let it slip through our fingers - squandering precious resources on rework and reinvention.  We support you to surface, capture and share insights through our Transition to Retirement, Better Project Debriefs, and Knowledge Management services. Get in touch to find out more.



Kate elevated the way we looked at and solved problems and expanded our frame of reference significantly, with creativity and pragmatism.

Managing Director, CX firm

Kate’s experience ... made people sit back and often take a breath and think about things in a different light. I would go so far as to say that some of the current success of our organisation could be directly attributable to Kate helping us all to think differently, particularly when under pressure.

Senior Manager, Risk Governance & Compliance

Kate was amazing.  She was able to provide real-life case studies across various industries and bring it back to her teachings and course outlines.  ... Down to earth ... clearly applying theory to real situations. ... Thank you a million Kate.

MBA candidate




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